We take pride in the quality of our projects and the construction phase allows for the coordinated activities of many team members to occur.

It is the opportunity to see a dream become reality. The following highlights the main activities of the construction phase:

  •  Coordinate and negotiate all vendor packages and budgets.
  •  Award contracts to qualified subcontracts.
  • Finalize schedules.
  •  Review drawings with superintendent.
  • Continue to review the current design criteria to establish efficiencies and buying discounts, etc.
  • Coordinate the construction of the project.
  • Implement management control of all project activities from FJ Development Corp.’s home base to the site.
  • Process subcontractor invoices.
  • Maintain and update all related project accounting including timely and well supported monthly billings and disbursements, budgets and change orders.
  • Perform site visits as needed.
  •  Review actual costs to budget estimates.
  •  Post – Construction Services
  • Prepare all closeout activities including punch list, warranty, systems start-up and training, as-built drawings and schedules. Conduct post job inspection and review, warranty fulfillment.
  • Obtain final inspections and Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Summarize project budgets, actual costs and approved change orders.